PENSA 2017 Presentations

Note: These presentations were allowed by our speakers to be posted in this site with their written consent. If they wish to remove their presentations we will abide with their request and take these off the site.

These presentations, unless otherwise indicated, are in pdf format. Click on the speaker's name to view the presentation.

Day 1  
Presentation (Venue)
The Chomchark Chuntrasakul Professorial Lecture: Clinical nutrition fellowship training program - the key to hospital clinical nutrition implementation in the Philippines (Isla-plenary) Dr. Luisito Llido

The Gut Microbiome and Malnutrition (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Andre Van Gossum

Standardization of oral nutritional supplement provision in malnourished individuals (Isla-plenary)

Dr. Khrisnan Sriram
Nutrition in Acute Kidney Injury (Isla-plenary) Prof. Enrico Fiaccadori

Optimized nutrition therapy and glucose control in ICU patients (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Michael Adolph
Nutrition in Cancer Surgery (Isla-plenary) Prof. Stanislaw Klek
Multi-disciplinary Approach to Weight Loss (Isla-plenary) Dr. Michael Chourdakis
Carbohydrate and Insulin Resistance: What is the current nutrition strategy for optimal control? (Isla-plenary) Prof. Veeradej Pisprasert
Nutrition and Early Immune Development (Isla-plenary) Prof. Philip Calder
Day 2  
Presentation (Venue)
The Unrisk Study and Program 2017 - Profile of hospital malnutrition and clinical nutrition practice in the Philippines (Isla-plenary) Dr. Luisito Llido

Nutrition and immune system in exercise: a 2017 consensus statement (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Philip Calder

Critical Care - Adequacy of feeding (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Mette Berger

High risk surgical patients: pre- and postoperative care (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Arved Weimann

Immunonutrition: Asian Perspectives Evidence of Immunonutrition in Asia (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Veeradej Pisprasert

Nutrition in hemodialysis patients with focus on Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition (IDPN) (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Enrico Fiaccadori

Resolution of Inflammation - What is the Role of the Omega-3-Fatty-Acids ? (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Michael Adolph

Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) – is it really an option for chronic intestinal failure patients? (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Stanislaw Klek

Alteration in Taste Perception in Cancer (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Vanessa Fuchs-Tarlovsky
The Science of UMAMI (Isla-plenary) Prof. Michio Maruyama
Day 3  
Presentation (Venue)
ICU Acquired Weakness - Role of Specific Nutrients (Isla-plenary)

Dr. Jonathan Tan

Antioxidant Dosing and Micronutrient Management in the Intensive Care Unit (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Lingtak Neander Chan

Management and Prevention of Refeeding Syndrome in Patients: A Practical Approach (Isla-plenary)

Prof. Zeno Stanga
The Biblical Perspectives on Nutrition (#6) (Isla-plenary) Dr. Luisito Llido (pdf) | (pptx)

Pediatric Nutrition Assessment Form Development and Validation (Palawan)

Dr. Grace Paguia

Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation (Palawan)

Dr. Joel Lim

Heads Up - Nutrition in Selected Neurologic Conditions (Isla-Plenary)

Dr. Victoria Manuel

Metabolic Response in Sepsis and its Management (Isla-Plenary)

Prof. Ibolya Nyulasi
Comparing Clinical Outcome and Nutritional Status in Hypo-caloric vs. Full-caloric Enteral Feeding in Trauma Patients (Isla-Plenary)
Dr. Abdulreza Norouzy