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 October 16, Tuesday, Pre-Congress Day 1, TNT (Total Nutrition Therapy) View TNT program details

 Time Kachina/Badjao
 0800-1700 TNT (Day 1)

 October 17, Wednesday, Pre-Congress, Day 2


Century Park Ballroom



Registration: Ballroom Lobby

TNT (Day 2)


PENSA Board Business Meeting

 October 18, Thursday, Day 1

 Time Century Park Ballroom

Breakfast Symposium 1: Advancing nutrition in diabetes management - achieving better outcomes: Editha Dalisay (PhilSPEN), sponsored by ABBOTT


Opening Remarks: Jonathan Asprer (PhilSPEN)

Keynote Address: Prof. Myung Duk Lee (KSPEN) Chair: Jonathan Asprer (PhilSPEN)
Opening of Exhibits
Century Park Ballroom
 1000-1200 Plenary Session 1

The future of nutrition research: How we can put principles into practice: Paul Wischmeyer (USA) Chair: Luisito Llido (PhilSPEN)

Current trends of nutrition support in the ICU: Andrew Davies (Australia) Chair: Tsann Long Hwang (TSPEN)

Lunch Symposium: The role of eicosapentanoic acid in the management of cancer-induced weight loss: Maurizio Muscaritoli (Italy), sponsored by ABBOTT

Kachina Corregidor
Symposium 1: Critical Care Chair: Sun Sunatrio (INASPEN), Co-Chair: Jude Erric Cinco (PhilSPEN) Specialty Session: Issues on parenteral nutrition Chair: Harbans Kaur Dhillon (PENSMA), Co-Chair: Reynaldo Sinamban (PhilSPEN)
Impact of immunutrition on host response: Kazuhiko Fukatsu (JSPEN) Safe, effective parenteral nutrition from factory to vein, pharmacist’s role: Patrick Ball (New Zealand)
Strategies to optimize enteral nutrition in critically ill patients : Patricia Anthony (Switzerland) Compounding and protocols in ordering PN: Edmon Gutierrez (PhilSPEN)
Aseptic dispensing techniques/ drug-nutrient interactions: Harbans Kaur Dhillon (PENSMA)
Modulation of Oxidative Stress: Tsann Long Hwang (TSPEN) Monitoring delivery of parenteral nutrition: Raymundo Resurreccion (PhilSPEN)
Break / Exhibit Visit
1530-1700 Kachina

Symposium 2: Special Nutrients Chair: Myung Duk Lee (KSPEN), Co-Chair: Maria Victoria Manuel (PhilSPEN)

Impact of micronutrient deficiency on critical illness: Krisnan Sriram (USA)
Updates on lipid emulsions in clinical nutrition : Hrishikesh Kulkarni (Hongkong)
Virgin coconut oil - fad or fact?: Maria Rosario Sevilla (PhilSPEN)
  Century Park Ballroom
 1800-2200 Cultural Night: "BARRIO FIESTA! " Performance by the Bayanihan National Folk Dance Company

 October 19, Friday, Day 2

 Time Century Park Ballroom

Breakfast symposium 2: How safe are your parenteral fluid systems? Case studies of where things went wrong: Patrick Ball (New Zealand), sponsored by PALL (MACARE)

Plenary Session 2
What's new in parenteral nutrition: Staffan Bark (Sweden) Chair: Fernando Lopez (PhilSPEN)
Advances in the pathophysiology of cancer related weight loss : Maurizio Muscaritoli (Italy) Chair: Jonathan Asprer (PhilSPEN)
1000-1030 Break / Exhibit Visit



Symposium 3: Specific clinical conditions 1 Chair: Thanyadej Nimmanwudipong (SPENT), Co-Chair: Regina Bagsic (PhilSPEN)

Specialty Workshop: Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) worskhop Chair: Edel Navarette (PhilSPEN)
Early enteral nutrition in surgical patients: Ryoji Fukushima (JSPEN) Tilakavati Karupaiah (PENSMA)
Edel Navarette (PhilSPEN)
Nutrition support in GI fistulas: Jianan Ren (CSPEN) Winnie Chie Siew Swee (PENSMA)
Cherrilyn Tan (PhilSPEN)
Pancreatitis: Rakesh Tandon (ISPEN) Anna Dugang (PhilSPEN)
Century Park Ballroom

Lunch Symposium 2: a) Special substrates in the ICU: RAYMUNDO RESURRECCION (PhilSPEN); b) TPN using All-In-One: What does it mean and what are the benefits? STAFFAN BARK (Sweden); c) Glutamine: a life saving therapy in critical illness, but why? PAUL WISCHMEYER (USA), sponsored by FRESENIUS-KABI

Break / Exhibit Visit
Unrestricted Grant - NESTLE Philippines, Chair: Jesus Fernando Inciong (PhilSPEN)

a) The central role of the gut in critical illness: Raymundo Resurreccion (PhilSPEN); b) Enteral nutrition in the critically ill: Reynaldo Sinamban (PhilSPEN)

Century Park Ballroom
Symposium 4: Cancer Chair: Jonathan Asprer (PhilSPEN), Co-Chair: Romulo de Villa (PhilSPEN)
Symposium 5: Pediatric Nutrition Support Chair: Luisito Llido (PhilSPEN), Co-Chair: Grace Uy (PhilSPEN)
Nutritional status, weight loss, and outcome in cancer: Maurizio Muscaritoli (Italy)
Nutrition screening and assessment: Mary Jean Guno (PhilSPEN)
Nutrition requirements and enteral nutrition: Felizardo Gatcheco (PhilSPEN)
Dietitian’s Role in Feeding Cancer Patients: Tilakavati Karupaiah (PENSMA)
Nutrition support team and parenteral nutrition, ESPGHAN guidelines: Patrick Ball (New Zealand, AuSPEN)
Cancer Cachexia Management: Eduardo Santos (PhilSPEN)
Access: Grace Uy (PhilSPEN)
Century Park Ballroom

 Dinner Symposium: BCAA, Liver Disease, and Beyond: Diana Payawal (Phil), sponsored by OTSUKA Philippines

 October 20, Saturday, Day 3

 Time Century Park Ballroom
 0700-0830 Breakfast Symposium 3: Pediatric nutrition support: a wave of the future: Felizardo Gatcheco (PhilSPEN), sponsored by ABBOTT
  Century Park Ballroom Kachina
Symposium 6: Specific clinical conditions 2 Chair: Andrew Davies (AUSPEN) Co-Chair: Carla Sibulo (PhilSPEN) Symposium 7: Nutrition support beyond the hospital Chair: Luisito Llido (PhilSPEN), Co-Chair: Eduardo Poblete (PhilSPEN)

Liver Disease: Diana Payawal (PhilSPEN)

Home nutrition support : Lucy Sutanto (INASPEN)

Renal Disease: Preyanuj Yamwong (SPENT) Nutrition issues in end of life care : Miguel Ramos (PhilSPEN)
Pulmonary Disease: Noel Bautista (PhilSPEN) 0930-1000 Break / Exhibit Visit
Oral Presentations Chair: Olive Quizon (PhilSPEN) Enteral Nutrition Workshop Chair: Thanyadej Nimmanwudipong (spent), Co-Chair: Higinio Mappala (PhilSPEN)

Issues on enteral nutrition access: Thanyadej Nimmanwudipong (SPENT)

Video presentation - enteral nutrition access in GI obstruction: Ryoji Fukushima (JSPEN)
Enteral nutrition delivery and tube care: Satiapoorany Subramaniam (PENSMA)
  Century Park Ballroom
 1200-1330 Lunch Symposium 3: The evolution of how we feed the patients - Thanyadej Nimmanwudipong (SPENT), sponsored by TYCO HEALTHCARE
 1330-1530 Symposium 8: Nutrition support team (NST) development and education Chair: Renato Reyes (PhilSPEN), Co-Chair: Marianna Sioson (PhilSPEN)
NST development in developing countries: Krisnan Sriram (USA)
Nutrition support education and computerization: Luisito Llido (PhilSPEN)
The experience in Australia and New Zealand: Andrew Davies (AuSPEN)
1530-1600 Break / Exhibit Visit
 1600-1630 Plenary Session 3: Current status of PENS in Asia: Luisito Llido (PhilSPEN)

Closing Ceremony and Turnover of Colors

Jonathan Asprer (PhilSPEN) and Harbans Kaur Dhillon (PENSMA)

Performance by Bayanihan National Folk Dance Company